About Regenesys Business School

Regenesys Business School is committed to excellence in teaching, learning, research, and developing conscious leaders who make a worldwide difference. We take pleasure in delivering a world-class higher education that generates top-tier graduates who are ready to assume leadership and management roles in their respective sectors.

Regenesys, founded in 1997, has proven to be one of Africa’s fastest-growing and premier business schools, offering globally recognised undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Business, Public Management, Finance, Law, Technology, and Education.

For more than 20 years, Regenesys has been awakening the potential of individuals and organisations by improving management and leadership skills and preparing them to tread new ground in the commercial and public sectors.


Regenesys’ comprehensive approach to education distinguishes us from other institutes and gives graduates a one-of-a-kind value. Ours is a comprehensive method that not only improves not only your intellectual intelligence (IQ) but also your emotional intelligence (EQ) and spiritual intelligence (SQ).

Our academic programmes are specifically created to inspire and develop not just the mind but also the heart and soul of our students, cultivating good values, attitudes, and behaviours essential for career success and global function. This distinguishes us as one of  Africa’s top business schools.




We extended our business school in 2013, opening the India campus in Mumbai. Regenesys India provides academic, digital, and corporate education programmes that expose students to top worldwide firms and global management and leadership trends.



In 2013, Regenesys Nigeria was established in Lagos. Regenesys Nigeria, located on Victoria Island, offers a variety of short learning programmes that are practical, relevant, planned and conducted by industry and subject matter experts.

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Dananda Talent is a recruitment agency wing of the Regenesys Group. Dananda Talent strives to find the most future-focused, qualified people who are savvy and understand the nature and needs of a future becoming more intrinsically tied to technology, innovation and rapid changes. Dananda Talent is powered by seasoned talent scouts, strategic thinkers, and future-centric individuals who blend global business possibilities with local realities, strategically positioning businesses with the unfurling changes the 5th Industrial revolution is ushering in.

MyWealth Investments is an investment intermediary which provides financial markets knowledge and offers dynamic investment products to clients so that they may pursue and achieve financial freedom. The company also assists with retirement, insurance/risk, or medical health plans. MyWealth Investments is an authorised financial services provider (FSP) with license number 45214. Our compliance is overseen by Askari Compliance services.

The Urban Wellbeing division was set up to improve the state of wellbeing of our community of students, employees and clients, balancing mind, body, and spirit.

IQ + EQ+ SQ + PQ + FQ = Urban wellbeing.

Attaining conscious and healthy living is the ultimate goal of Urban Wellbeing, which offers a variety of activity clubs: hiking, tennis, running cricket, walking, tai chi, soccer, tennis, HiiT (high-intensity interval training), a money club and yoga.